Remote Coaching

Get the help, guidance and motivation you need with Anytime Coaching.

Discover the coach in Your Pocket

Remote Coaching is a revolutionary new service, exclusive for Anytime Fitness members looking for ways to be coached anytime, anywhere.

Think of it like having a personal trainer in your pocket so you can be trained remotely as well as in club. It’s also an affordable alternative to traditional Personal Training.

If you are looking for the next step in your Fitness Journey, Remote Coaching will provide regular workouts emailed to you, chat support, reminders and accountable tracking of your workouts, progress and goals.

You’ll also receive weekly hints, tips and fitness hacks to help you in every aspect of your life. Let’s make healthy happen with Remote Coaching.

Discover the key benefits of Remote Coaching

Fitness Consultation

Test your current fitness status and set your accountable goals

Tailored Fitness Plan

Get a multi week/month plan suited your needs

Live Chat Support

Get help and support when you need it from a real Personal Trainer

1-2-1 Progress Review

1:1 Monthly Progress Review

Test and discuss your progress with your Personal Trainer

Customised Fitness Journey

Healthy lifestyle coaching i.e. sleep, nutrition, stress etc.

Let’s make Healthy Happen with Remote Coaching

Speak to your club today about starting your tailored coaching plan

Speak to your club today about Remote Coaching

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Find out how Remote Coaching works


Here’s the full story, how Jess gets on using Remote Coaching with her PT Derrick




Derrick sends his client, Jess, her first workout



Jess receives a notification on her phone to check the app for her workout



Jess opens the Workouts App to preview her first workout and downloads it to her phone



Jess opens the workout at the gym and starts going through the exercises – including Burpees!



Derrick exchanges messages of encouragement with Jess and checks in on her progress



Jess completes her first workout and sends it to Derrick. He can see how she’s got on and tailor her next workout!

Watch this short video showing Jess’s first experience using Remote Coaching with her PT Derrick

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Get our free Workouts app today

You’ll need to download our Workouts app in order to get the benefits of Remote Coaching. Here’s how to get started…

Download the Anytime Fitness app (Apple app store or Google play) Create and activate account using your key fob or phone number

Once you’ve logged in to the Anytime Fitness app, select the ‘Workouts’ icon in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen

Click ‘Download Workouts’ and follow the steps on the screen to create your profile and choose your fitness plan or workout.

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