Healthy today, healthier tomorrow

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment

At Anytime Fitness, our purpose is to ‘Make Healthy Happen’ and we believe health is far more than just physical fitness, strength or mobility. 
We want our actions to positively impact the creation of a healthier tomorrow and recognise our role and responsibility in creating healthy workplaces, communities and world at large.
By operating a healthy business today on every level, we will ensure a healthy tomorrow for all.

For our people

For our communities

For our planet

We will create a happy, healthy workplace that looks after our team and supports them personally and professionally.

We will utilise our resources to positively impact the welfare of others and make a lasting societal impact

We will manage our environmental impact to create a healthier world and a more sustainable future.

Our CSR goals

A healthier tomorrow is at the heart of everything we do and we have developed our CSR goals to ensure we fulfil our commitments, deliver our vision and be a force for good.

For our people:

  • Ensure there are no inequalities in the workplace and that Anytime Fitness is a fair and equal employer, no matter anyone’s background or circumstances
  • We care about our people, empowering and supporting them with opportunities to learn and grow, try new things and to pay things forward to the communities that we serve

For our communities:

  • Actively contribute to the creation of healthier communities by providing financial and human resource to projects which help others live healthier, happier lives
  • Increase the accessibility of education and employment opportunities of young people via programmes at both our Support Office and national club network

For our planet:

  • Establish a baseline carbon footprint, with the target of achieving net-zero by 2030 as part of our commitment to the COP26 Climate Pact
  • Promote participation in responsible environmental management amongst all key stakeholders including employees, suppliers and franchisees, providing necessary training and support to adopt our environmental practices

Latest news

These are the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals of Anytime Clubs UK Ltd, the franchisor for Anytime Fitness in the UK. As a franchised health club operator, we have set a standard for our clubs and franchisees to follow and are encouraging them to incorporate these values within their businesses. Your experience within our individual clubs may vary.